From the Soil to the Market 

Daabon Organic Group is the pioneer and leading grower of Organic ingredients in South America. Its headquarters and farms are located in Santa Marta, Colombia. It is a family owned business now in its third generation, recognized for its innovative practices in agriculture. Most of its executives are second and third family generation.
Our company is synonymous with quality, social responsibility and organic agriculture. Our Group’s operational strategies as well as our commercial and employee relationships are all balanced and sustainable.
We are directly involved in all stages of the process: from growing, pressing, refining, and marketing our raw materials as well as processed foods and oils. This vertical integration and short supply chain from the soil to the market enables us to offer incomparable service and quality products. Through Daabon Group owned companies, we directly market our products in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Organizational Chart 


Facts and Figures 

Daabon has 8,000 ha. of certified organic land in three privately owned plantations. An additional 4,000 ha. belonging to small farmers are under an audited sustainable and fair trade agriculture program. We are a leading global player in the organic palm industry, as well as the growing Colombian palm sector, third largest palm oil producing nation in the world.

Our mill crushes 60 tons of palm crude oil per hour, while our refinery has a 300 ton output capacity per day. As the global demand for sustainable, high quality palm oil surges, we continue to expand our planted area as well as our refining facilities.

By 2010 we will reach a total 1000 ha. of organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified banana planted area. The conditions in northern Colombia for cultivating this product are outstanding, allowing us to harvest a delicious and nutritious fruits. We continue to grow our sales in our main Asian, European and U.S. markets.

We have over 600 ha. of organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee plantations in the high lands of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Furthermore, for over 18 years we have managed the organic program and exports for Indigenous communities. This coffee, predominantly of typica and caturra varieties, has a clean, smooth, low acidity cup which is highly prized in Asia.

Recently established, Las Americas Free Zone is where our new Bio Diesel factory is located.
Production started in February 2009, with an initial capacity of 100,000 tons. per year. In addition, several food and personal care related industries are set to build their facilities in this strategically located free zone.

Daabon owns and operates this specialized vegetable oil liquid terminal adjacent to the Santa Marta port. Through this facility an estimated 60% of Colombia's vegetable oil is traded. Our government has granted Daabon a concession to build and operate Colombia's first bio diesel port. Furthermore, Daabon is a shareholder of the Port of Santa Marta, the Magdalena Port in Barranquilla and the Manzanillo Port in Dominican Republic.



  • Davila family starts first banana plantation.
  • Development of first generation cattle breeding.


  • Second generation family plants African Palm for palm oil processing.


  • Palm oil mill established for oil extraction.


  • Third generation family turns to organic agricultural practices.


  • Palm, banana and coffee farms are certified by ECOCERT becoming a world pioneer in these organic production.


  • Daabon becomes a major shareholder of the Santa Marta Port.


  • First trial exports to Japan.


  • Palm oil refinery is established.
  • Daabon Deutschland and Daabon Dominican Republic established.


  • Daabon Japan established as a joint venture JAS certification obtained for all Daabon products.


  • Organic cocoa plantations established in Santa Marta.
  • Daabon USA established


  • Palm oil refinery is expanded and modernized.
  • Daabon Australia established.
  • Coffee plantations are Rainforest Alliance certified.
  • Banana plantations are Social Accountability (S.A. 8000) certified.
  • We joined the RSPO process in Malaysia.


  • Acquired new 4000 ha. in Santa Marta to expand agricultural production.


  • Fair trade certification obtained at banana plantations.


  • New palm oil refinery is inaugurated and processing capacity rises to 300 tons / day.
  • Banana plantations expanded to 500 ha.


  • Inspected by ProForest in compliance with RSPO P&C for sustainable palm oil production.
    Started supplying sustainable palm soap pellets to The Body Shop.
  • Established Las Americas Free Zone.


  • (PMF)Palm Fractionation Plant established.
  • Banana plantations expanded to 700 ha and obtained Ecocert Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certifications.
  • Palm plantaions reach 12000 ha.


  • Bio Diesel plant starts operating.
  • Palm oil products RSPO certified(expected summer).


  • The proposed Clean Development Mechanism is operational and the company starts a carbon offset program.


  • Caribbean Eco Soaps UIBS S.A.S (Soap chips & Glycerine) start.


  • obtain GMP-HACCP certification.


  • Banana plantations obtain BIOTROPICO certification.


  • entry into the sea port terminal business in Santa Marta, Colombia with Mitsubishi Corp.