Our Mission 

To grow, transform and commercialize high quality organic and sustainable products, while ensuring our people’s wellbeing, the protection of the environment and the fulfillment of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Message from the President 

We have clearly entered an era where food, water and natural resources are scarce and our planet's sustainability is threatened. The level of unawareness of the general public and slow reaction to embrace sustainable solutions is the main challenge humanity faces. This situation is even more critical in the midst of the current global economic conditions. Nonetheless, it is also clear to us that throughout history, crisis has always been a part of social and economic development as well as humankind evolution.

At Daabon, we believe that well oriented work yields good results. In 1990 we focused on becoming a world leader in the production of organic and sustainable agricultural products. Since then, we have progressively committed our human and economic resources to ensure that our activities be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We strive to improve the living standards and working conditions of our employees, and of the communities living in the Santa Marta region, decisive factors in our Country's future and wellbeing.

Since 2001 we have been serving the Japanese and other Asian markets. Coming from the source to the market allowed us to better understand consumer needs and constantly improve our products to match our customers' expectations. At the same time, we've worked on expanding our production capacity and introducing new and higher standards of production on quality, safety, environment and social related aspects.
Today we are able to deliver products with the highest level of assurance through a transparent and integrated supply chain, which has a wide range of internationally recognized certifications.

With the help of our fellow Daabon colleagues, our partners and customers, we expect to maintain our growth in a sustainable, fair and responsible manner. We hope to continue to lead by example in environmental, quality and social responsibility aspects of the food production and distribution chain, and thus consolidate Daabon as global leader in this field.

The pillars of our philosophy 

Our people and rich soils are the foundations of Daabon Group. Our commitment to protect the natural wealth of Santa Marta, while responsibly working this land to improve the living standards of our community has yielded a fully certified - vertically integrated organic producer. Our unique business model allows us to be close to the soil and close to markets. We understand consumer concerns about traceability and safety, catering a specific solution for each market.

We believe mankind has no option but to review its production systems and compromise to transform them into sustainable practices. We understand our role is not to talk about solutions, but to implement them. Daabon Group leads the path towards organic, sustainable and carbon neutral agriculture.