What is Organic Mountain? 

Our brand "Organic Mountain"

Our brand, Organic Mountain, seeks to create a link between our origin and our consumers. The Santa Marta mountain range in northern Colombia is for us the Organic Mountain.

Our logo symbolizes the Caribbean sun over the Santa Marta mountain, while typifying the initials of our brand: the O for Organic and the M for Mountain.

The Santa Marta Mountain Range

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Organic Mountain Coffee

Organic 100% Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee

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15kg 36MP Shortening

680g 36MP Shortening for Household use

The Santa Marta Mountain Range 

Valerio Massimo Manfredi, the author of Alexandros, visited Santa Marta and left us with this wonderful description from the Sierra Nevada:

“A temple of nature, a theatre of clouds and snow, a sumptuous cloak which covers the earth with infinite shadows and glorious green sounds. A sacred and majestic spot, one where every moment the wonder of God himself can be witnessed at the work he has created. Here, everything is simple and pure, just as it was on the day of the Creation”.

It rises to a height of 5,775 meters above sea level no more than 42 kilometers from the Caribbean coast. It covers an area of 17,000 square kilometers (1.7 million hectares) and contains practically every climatic zone that can be found in tropical America. It is the source of 35 hydrographic basins, which make it a “water factory” that supplies 1.5 million inhabitants in the region as well as extensive organic agricultural areas on the surrounding plains. There are at least 600 botanical genera and more than 3,000 superior plant species. 514 bird species have been recorded, as it is an important habitat for migratory birds moving from and to North America given its privileged geographical position. And over 46 species of amphibians and reptiles, 12 of which are endemic.

In this mountain, the Mamos (Indian tribe spiritual leaders) are responsible for orienting others in their communities on how to preserve their native values, the hidden knowledge, Cosmo vision and in general about the principles based in accordance with natural laws such as respect for the mother earth, water, fauna, flora and most of all about the equilibrium needed with the ecosystem to ensure sustainability.
For the indigenous communities living in the Santa Marta Mountain, this is a sacred place on earth. They perceive this Mountain as a living body where each one of nature’s elements is a vital part of the Indian culture and of their harmonic relationship with the surroundings.

Daabon Group values this unique place and has dedicated all efforts to preserve their natural environment intact, while supporting their organic agricultural activity by fairly trading their commodities abroad. We feel pride in aiding not only in the well-being and economic development of the Santa Marta people, but in delivering premium quality safe organic products to developed markets, while protecting a long term solution to the issue of sustainability.